Charles Poston Memorial
Native Copper Plaque

Charles Poston -“The Father of Arizona” copper plaque

Pinal County Historical Society Museum
715 South Main Street
Florence, Pinal County, Arizona
33.024859, -111.387224

Historical Significance:
Charles D. Poston (1825-1902) was instrumental in creating the territory of Arizona and is known as the “Father of Arizona.” He was Arizona’s first delegate to Congress from December 5, 1864, to April 26, 1865. This native copper plaque was created in his memory in 1907 and originally placed on a marker.  The copper was provided by New Cornelia Copper Company with General John C. Greenway acting as General Manager.

When the  Poston Butte pyramid was completed, twenty‑three years after Poston’s death, the copper plaque was mounted to the side of the pyramid.

Soon after, because of vandalism, the plaque was removed from the monument by the Pinal County Historical Society in 1925 and placed in the society’s museum, its third location.


Moved and rededicated:
April 26, 1925


Maricopa Chapter, NSDAR

A snapshot of a copper plaque with text; surface is damaged. Is in a display stand.
Original copper plaque from the Charles Poston monument, 2018.
A studio photographic portrait identified as Charles D. Poston, a middle-aged man, bearded.
Portrait of Charles Poston, ca. 1864. Mathew Brady Photographs of Civil War-Era Personalities and Scenes. Digital file provided by the National Archives and Records Administration. Image is in the public domain.


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