Barnes Butte Memorial
to Will Croft Barnes

Barnes Butte

Arizona National Guard
Papago Park Military Reservation
5636 E. McDowell Road
Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
33.46650, -111.96167

This historical marker is located on an active military installation. All U.S. visitors, 18 years and older, who do not have a Department of Defense identification card will be subject to a background check before being allowed access to the installation. Before visiting, please check the current visitor access information.

Historical Significance: 
Sergeant Will Barnes earned the Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) for serving during the Indian Wars as a Private First Class in the United States Army Signal Corps. He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery at Fort Apache, Arizona, on September 11, 1881. His citation simply reads “Bravery in action.” His medal was issued on November 8, 1882. After serving in the military, Barnes lived in Arizona and was an active and influential resident.

The marker contains two plaques. The top plaque reads, “Dedicated by The Maricopa Chapter / Daughters of the American Revolution / 1938.”

The large plaque on the front of the marker reads, “Barnes Butte Named for Will C. Barnes / 1858-1936 /

Soldier: Congressional Medal of Honor






[Unreadable text]

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Historic Uses of Papago Park Military Reservation
Note: This marker is within the Papago Park Military Reservation with restricted access.

December 4, 1938

Maricopa Chapter, NSDAR

A studio photographic portrait of Will Croft Barnes in uniform, holding his hat.
Sergeant Will Croft Barnes, photographer and date unknown.
A vintage snapshot of the plaque; text is “Dedicated by The Maricopa Chapter / Daughters of the American Revolution 1938.”
1938 plaque, undated image.
Larger 1938 plaque, April 2024.
A snapshot of the smaller plaque; text is “Dedicated by The Maricopa Chapter / Daughters of the American Revolution 1938.”
Smaller 1938 plaque, March 2019.
A snapshot of a standing marker with a small plaque on top and a larger plaque on the front. Text is unreadable.
Sergeant Will Croft Barnes memorial marker with plaques, March 2019.
A snapshot of a desert rise with two flagpoles silhouetted against the sky.
View of the marker’s placement between flagpoles, April 2024.
A snapshot of a Sonoran Desert scene of a reddish rock butte rising at a 45-degree angle identified as Barnes Butte. Shrubs and a narrow paved walkway in the foreground.
Barnes Butte, northeast of Papago Peaks, Phoenix, undated image.


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