Camp John A. Rucker:
Military Outpost

Camp John A. Rucker Military Outpost

North Tex Canyon Road, ¼ mile east of East Rucker Canyon Road, in Coronado National Forest,
Elfrida, Cochise County, Arizona
31.756817, -109.370283

Historical Significance:     
Fort Rucker, or Camp Rucker, is a former United States Army post in Cochise County, Arizona. First known as Camp Supply and Camp Powers, its name was changed in honor of Lieutenant John Anthony “Tony” Rucker. Lieutenant Rucker died in this approximate area in flooded White River while trying to save the life of Lt. Austin Henely. Both men died, and on October 1, 1878, the camp name was changed to Camp Rucker.

The marker reads, “Camp John A. Rucker A Military Outpost Stood on this Site 1878 – 1880 / Lt. John A. Rucker, 6th Cav. U.S.A. Perished in Proximity in Flooded White River July 11, 1878 Attempting to Save Life of Lt. Austin Henely / Also on this Site 1884 – 1943 Ranch Headquarters of Gray – Hampe – Rak / Placed by Arizona State Society Daughters of the American Revolution 1973.”.

This site was the ranch headquarters of Gray‑Hampe‑Rak from 1884 until 1943. In 1943, the Raks sold Old Camp Rucker Ranch to New York socialite Ella Dana, who in 1970 deeded the property to the U.S. Forest Service in a land exchange. Today the surviving buildings have been stabilized and stand adjacent to a popular campground. Two‑hundred people attended the dedication ceremonies in September 1973, jointly sponsored by the Coronado National Forest and the Arizona State Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Regent Winifred Barrett Chapel, Tombstone Chapter, NSDAR, was the coordinator for the event sponsored by her chapter.

September 1973

Arizona State Society, DAR

A snapshot of the plaque at the site of Camp John A. Rucker. Marker text is in the body of this page.
Camp John A. Rucker plaque, March 2019.
A snapshot of the concrete and stone marker with plaque in a scrubland setting.
Marker, March 2019.
A photograph of the dedication program, undated. The DAR insignia is in the top left corner; the U.S. Forest Service insignia is in the top right corner.
Dedication program, September 1973.


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