Organizing Regent Memorial
Honoring Myrtle Carter Peck

Myrtle Carter Peck,
Organizing Regent’s Grave

Tempe Double Butte Cemetery,
Section D, Lot 2, Space 7 
2505 W. Broadway Road
Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona
33.406729, -111.974309

Turn left as you enter the cemetery’s main entrance and look for Section D. Her family plot is on the right, at the street.

Historical Significance:     
Charles Trumbull Hayden Chapter, NSDAR, was established by organizing regent Myrtle Carter Peck (1898-1932) on March 12, 1927, to serve Tempe, Arizona. Myrtle Peck was appointed by State Regent Mrs. W.F. Hammett and then elected the first chapter regent for the Charles Trumbull Hayden Chapter, NSDAR.

Within the cemetery, very close to Mrs. Peck’s grave, is the Hayden family plot with Charles T. Hayden, businessman and probate judge (1825-1900) (Section B, lot 8, Space 3). He began a ferry and flour mill in Tempe.

Tempe Double Butte Cemetery was founded in 1888 and placed on National Register of Historic Places in 2013. It has many notable City of Tempe citizens buried there.


Charles Trumbull Hayden Chapter, NSDAR

A snapshot of a gravestone for Myrtle Peck, 1898-1932, with a separate DAR marker, text unreadable.
Myrtle Peck, gravestone and marker, December 2018.
A snapshot of the DAR marker with insignia, that reads, “Myrtle Carter Peck Organizing Regent / Charles Trumbull Hayden Chapter.”
Marker, December 2018.
A collage of three snapshots. (1) A view of the desert cemetery plot with Myrtle Carter Peck’s grave. (2) The main entrance to Tempe Double Butte Cemetery. (3) A view of the cemetery with a gravestone marked Hayden.
Tempe Double Butte Cemetery, December 2018.


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