Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery

Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery

1776 Arizona State Route 95
Bullhead City, Mohave County, Arizona
35.120572, -114.587138

Cemetery is on top of a small hill between Colina Drive and Verano Drive. Backside street is Dorado. On Arizona State Route 95 you can see the fencing from street level, and there are signs that say historical marker. There are two DAR markers here: one for the monument and one for the flagpole/mining tool.

Historical Significance:
This cemetery remains as the last vestige of the pioneer settlement of Hardyville founded in 1864 by William R. Hardy. There are 17 known grave sites, each covered with a pile of stones. The town served as an important Colorado River ferry crossing, steamboat landing and shipping point for area mines and as the Mohave County Seat from 1867 to 1872. In 1883, the ferry was moved to Needles, California, when the Atlantic & Pacific (A & P) Railroad was completed to that point in California. Sporadic ranching, mining and milling activities could be found in this area into the early 1900s.

The historic marker was presented by Fort Mohave Chapter, NSDAR, in cooperation with Desert Lawn Funeral Home, Desert Foothills Estates, Diamond & Sons Silver Bell Chapel, Eagle Fence and Sutton Funeral Home in special memory of these men:

Johnny Killian – died Oct 1866
George E. Mathews – died May 1867
William J. Tuttle – died May 1867
Charles Atchison – died July 1891
A.O. Perkins – died Dec 1897

This cemetery was placed on National Register of Historic Places on August 30, 2001.

November 6, 1999

Fort Mohave Chapter, NSDAR

A snapshot of a concrete and stone marker for the Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery with a plaque on top; plaque text is in the body of this page. A second plaque on the front reads, “In Memory of,” and has room for names to be added.
Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery marker, March 2019.
A collage of three images of the marker and plaques.
Views of the Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery marker, March 2019.
A snapshot of two rows of graves, each covered by a mound of rocks.
Graves in the Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery, March 2019.
A snapshot of the marker in the foreground, next to a flagpole, the cemetery in mid-ground, and mountains in the background.
Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery, March 2019.


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